Earth that was got used up ....

      When Earth that was got used up men moved out and onward into space. There we terraformed hundreds of worlds, dumping settlers on them with nothing but blankets and hatchets and maybe a herd to look after. Some of 'em made it, some of them did not. Some of the planets were left with technology - they were the lucky ones. Many of us had to make do with what we had, and rely on skunk traders to bring us the supplies we needed.

Unification War.



     Many of the central planets from the old Anglo-Chinese alliance banded together thinking that things would be better under their rule. Us Independents didn't reckon they had the right of it and we banded it together to stop their expansionist plans. Us Browncoats fought them Alliance types for six years until it all came down to one fateful battle at Serenity Valley that was to decide the entire war. We lost and have paid the price ever since.

     Now all there's to do for a man or woman on the wrong side of the coin is to make one's way the best they can with just your ship, your wits and your crew to rely on. Any job would do to make an honest buck, no matter which side of the law it fell.....