Assets are advantages that your character gains during character creation, but can also be bought using advancement points during the course of the game provided it can be justified in character. Some assets gain you a step bonus in certain skills or attributes whereas others grant you new abilities or new ways to use your plot points. Assets can be either minor (and cost you 2 points) or major (and cost you 4 points). The table below lists all the available assets (including additional ones not printed in Serenity) and whether they can be major, minor or either.

Asset Effect Major / Minor
Allure See rulebook Major / Minor
Athlete See rulebook Major / Minor
Born Behind the Wheel See rulebook Major / Minor
Cortex Spector See rulebook Major / Minor
Fast Healer

You are a fast healer as long as you get the proper rest and relaxation.

Benefits: As long as you rest properly you heal much faster than most folk. As a minor asset you get 1 wound back per days rest. As a major asset you get 3 wounds back per 2 days rest. This asset won't help against a character with serious injuries however, unless they have been healed first by a Surgeon.

Major / Minor
Fightin' Type See rulebook Major
Friends in High Places See rulebook Minor
Friends in Low Places See rulebook Minor
Good Name See rulebook Major / Minor
Healthy as a Horse See rulebook Major / Minor
Heavy Tolerance See rulebook Minor
Highly Educated See rulebook Minor
Intimidatin' Manner See rulebook Minor
Leadership See rulebook Major / Minor
Lightnin' Reflexes See rulebook Major
Man's Best Friend

You have picked up a loyal companion in the form of a dog who sticks with you through thick and thin.

Benefits: The dog is there to keep you company, watch your back, and keep you company. The dog can be used as a focus for plot points to sniff out a trail, defend his master or go and get help. However the character should be careful as the dog may die during the course of a dangerous mission.

Math Whiz See rulebook Minor
Mean Left Hook See rulebook Minor
Mechanical Empathy See rulebook Minor
Military Rank See rulebook Minor
Moneyed Individual See rulebook Major
Natural Linguist See rulebook Minor
Nature Lover See rulebook Minor
Nose for Trouble See rulebook Major / Minor
Reader See rulebook Major / Minor
Registered Companion See rulebook Minor
Religiosity See rulebook Minor / Major
Sharp Sense See rulebook Minor
Steady Calm See rulebook Major / Minor
Stubborn as a Mule

You are not easily persuaded against your natural instincts and don't change your mind very often.

Benefits: Whenever you need to make a Willpower check against Intimidation, Interrogation, Seduction or Persuasion you gain a +2 Step bonus to your Willpower attribute

Sweet and Cheerful See rulebook Minor
Talented See rulebook Major / Minor
Things go smooth See rulebook Major / Minor
Total Recal See rulebook Major
Tough as Nails See rulebook Major / Minor
Trustworthy Gut See rulebook Major / Minor
Two-Fisted See rulebook Major
Walking Timepiece See rulebook Minor
Wears a Badge See rulebook Major / Minor