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Captain and Crew

Like Firefly and Serenity the premise of the game will resolve around the barely legitamate crew of a Firefly class spaceship. The game will run for a "Season" of twelve episodes which will have an overall plot arc as well as individual self contained episodes.

The opening episode will see the remaining crew of the ship need to find replacement crew urgently on a partially terraformed moon. The only character types I will definitely need players to play are an engineer and a ship's pilot, although a medic of some sort would probably be useful as well.

The Surviving Crew

Some of the characters have been serving on the Serendipity for some time, and are part of the existing crew. The crew of the Firefly class ship Serendipity have been together for at least two years under Captain Josiah Flint. Captain Flint has a 65% stake in the ship and his first mate has a 35% stake. The ship is old and predates the Unification War. As a result the ship is constantly in need of repairs, but also has those troublesome little hidey holes useful for stashing away contraband.

The game begins with three of the members of the crew shot dead by a crazed woman hell bent on revenge. Rufus Sewell was a dour engineer who had kept the Serendipity running for many years despite a lack of funds. He was now lying dead on the engine room floor with two bullets in his chest. Madelyn Hammond was a young 19 year old ace pilot freshly out of training college. She'd been thrown out for her wild and dangerous manouevers and without a formal license could not get an honest job. Her love of flying had drawn her to less legal methods of employment and Serendipity was a perfect outlet for her talents. She now was slumped across the controls of the ship a bullet in her brain.

Finally Captain Josiah Flint ran the ship with an authoritate grip. He rarely spoke of his past, but it was known that he had run guns during the Unification War for both sides on another ship called the Calypso. The Captain is also now dead in the cockpit of the Serendipity just as his second in command finished off his assasin.

The Indentured

The Corone Mining Consortium owns the terraformed moon of Jinxor that has a debtors prison there to provide cheap labour for the thorium mine and smelter on the moon. The only structures on the moon are the prison itself, the warders quarters, the mine offices, and the storage sheds. There is a small landing strip inside the prison compound that allows the prison transport ship to bring and take off prisoners every two weeks.

The prisoners are debtors of various sorts that have been sent here by various planetry authorities (including the Alliance core worlds). Half the value of the person's labour here goes to the authourity to pay off the person's debt. The other half Corone Mining takes to help make a profit on the whole business. The thorium produced here is used to generate the income for the entire operation.

People are brought here for a variety of reasons and they have a variety of skills. The lucky ones favoured amongst the guards get easy cleaning jobs in the guards quarters. The ones not so lucky must work down the mine for 12 hours a day. The dust generated in the mine is said to be bad for the breathing, and the safety regulations in the mine are almost non existant.

Today something new happened. A ship fell from the sky and made a crash landing in the courtyard. The guards immediately surround the ship and took the occupants off to see the Governer. There is no such thing as chance, but fate has decreed that some of the prisoners on Jinxor have more than one link to the survivors on the ship. If only they could work out a way to unite with the people on the ship, get the ship repaired and off this rock.....