Complications are the excess baggage that a crew member brings with them to the ship. Complications offest the characters assets and can get folk into some tricky situations. 'Course playing out your complications as part of a plot will earn you Plot Points. Complications like assets can be either major (nets you 4 points) or minor (nets you 2 points) and like assets could be gained during gameplay as the discretion of the Gamesmaster. These complications received during gameplay do not net you any additional points. With the Gamemaster's approval you can use Advancement Points to buy off complications. The table below lists complications in the rulebook as well as some new ones.

Complication Description Major / Minor
Allergy See rulebook Major / Minor
Amorous See rulebook Minor
Amputee See rulebook Minor
Bleeder See rulebook Major
Blind See rulebook Major
Branded See rulebook Major / Minor
Chip on the Shoulder See rulebook Major / Minor
Credo See rulebook Major / Minor
Combat Paralysis See rulebook Major / Minor
Coward See rulebook Minor
Crude See rulebook Minor
Dead Broke See rulebook Minor
Deadly Enemy See rulebook Minor
Deaf See rulebook Major
Dull Sense See rulebook Minor
Easy Mark See rulebook Major
Ego Signature See rulebook Minor
Filcher See rulebook Minor
Forked Tongue See rulebook Minor
Greedy See rulebook Minor
Hero Worship See rulebook Minor
Hooked See rulebook Major / Minor

Bad people want you. Maybe you are a criminal, or perhaps you are a runaway identured worker. It could also be that you are wanted for war crimes or the Alliance that want to arrest you.

Penalty: A powerful group is actively seeking you out for revenge against you. You must avoid this group at all costs else they may try and capture or kill you. They will be using all means at their disposal to try and find and recover you.

Leaky Brainpan See rulebook Major / Minor
Lightweight See rulebook Minor
LIttle Person See rulebook Minor
Loyal See rulebook Minor
Memorable See rulebook Minor
Mute See rulebook Major
Non-Fightin' Type See rulebook Minor
Overconfident See rulebook Minor
Paper Tiger

You're not as tough as you look, and probably not as tough as you think you are.  Bad guys who look scary but drop in large numbers when bullets start flying often have this trait.

Penalty: You reduce your normal total Life Points by 2.  As a Major Trait, you reduce it by 4 instead.
Major / Minor
Paralyzed See rulebook Major
Phobia See rulebook Minor
Portly See rulebook Major / Minor
Prejudice See rulebook Minor
Sadistic See rulebook Major
Scrawny See rulebook Minor
Slow Learner See rulebook Minor

Nothing could possibly be as urgent as everyone makes it out to be. A pause for reflection (and a good nap) would do wonders to their outlook. You think you'll lead by example. Whenever  considerable or long-term effort is required, you're the last to volunteer.

Penalty: When asked to do something important you must make a Willpower check stepped at -2 to be bothered to actually do it straight away. You'll get round to it eventually, but you can't be bothered to do it now.

Soft See rulebook Minor
Stingy See rulebook Minor
Straight Shooter See rulebook Minor
Superstitious See rulebook Minor
Things Don't Go Smooth See rulebook Major / Minor
Traumatic Flashes See rulebook Major / Minor
Twitchy See rulebook Minor
Ugly as Sin See rulebook Major / Minor

You're never sure if everyone realizes how special you are, so you feel the need to remind them how lucky they are they are in your presence.

Penalty: Your resolve tends to weaken when others are complimentory towards you. This can cause a -2 step Willpower attribute penalty to resist sweet words of your ardent admirers.

Weak Stomach See rulebook Major / Minor
Zero-G Intolerance

Simply put, you have a hard time stomaching being in Zero-G environments. No matter how often you do it, there's just no getting used to it.

Penalty: When you are in a Zero-G environment you suffer a -2 attribute penalty to any action due to feeling sick to your stomach and being overtly distracted by your own misery.