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Series 1 - Episode Guide.

Episode 1 - Break up and Make Up - In which the crew of a Firefly ship is massacred and forced to land on a Debtor's planet. There a digruntled Guard Captain and engineer plot and escape from the rock.

Episode 2 - Waltzing with Matilda - In which our heroes attend the reading of Josiah Flint's will, transport an Alligator and are on the receiving end of the revenge of a horse breeder.

Episode 3 - Sex, White Lies and Bioscans - In which the destruction of a factory on Verbana by Browncoat terrorists leads to a pursuit of the culprit to a Cathedral in the middle of nowhere. There a sinister Priest threatens Bau and Dr Wu, revealing a secret to them in the process.

Episode 4 - Love and Bullets - In which the taking on of a job for an aging Companion leads to the doors of a powerful Senator on Londinium who reveals some shocking news for Pinto.

Episode 5 - All in the Mind - In which Nathaniel takes the ship to a distant space station where the mysterious Dr Weir does some surgery to repair a chip in his brain. The questions though are why was it there and what is the connection to Fey's sister Sioned?

Episode 6 Part 1 - High Stakes - Brown Girl in the Ring - In which the crew get a computer expert to decode the disk and the crew takes on a security job for a High Stakes poker tournament on Santo. Someone however is plotting revenge on Eleanor .....

Episode 6 Part 2 - High Stakes - Aces High - In which the Sherrif arrests Pinto which leads to complications in guarding the Casino when not one, but two groups go after the money. Help from an unexpected source leads to the crew finding a new pilot .....

Episode 7 - Flotsam and Jetsam in the Acadamy of Love - In which Fey visits her sister at the Companion's Guild and she finds some unexpected visitors who are keen to find a lost member of the Guild and Eleanor finds and expert on the "Lost Ark".

Episode 8 - A Fistful of Wu's - In which Dr Louis Wu catches up with the consequences of his past actions and must pay the consequences for them. The crew help Delores get her farm back, but find that someone else has been living in her basement these past years.

Episode 9 - Love Sick - In which the crew get involved with the affairs of the heart of Eleanor's love sick cousin and discover that there were more than one reason behind the separation.

Episode 10 - The Spice of LIfe - In which the crew attempt to reverse a dubious legal decision to overturn a will giving a Spice warehouse to Eleanor's uncle. Also more revelations are revealed about the Serendipity's shady past.

Episode 11 - Wiersworld - In which the crew try and hunt down Dr Weir and find an old ally, Nathaniel Grade, in their bid for justice. They also find the Utopia berthed around Tetrix and discover that all is not well.

Episode 12 - Belinda - In which the crew explore Dr Weir's inner sanctum and find an old friend of Joe's. And then there is a confrontation to end all confrontations with a surprising result.