Episode One


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 Break up and Make Up


Eleanor Diowara:  The problem is the ship's in escrow!

Pinto:  No it's not - the ship's in space!!!

The Moon of Jinxor

Miska Valenski got one final shot off at Benjamin Tang who though wounded managed to land the ship on the base before collapsing in from of Pinto.

Whilst Doctor Wu looked at Benjamin, Pinto had to face the people from Jinxor. The commondant of the camp, Franz Embers woke up Fey Flint (the nightshift leader) and got her to go investigate the ship. She rounded up the survivors (noting her dead husband in a pool of blood next to a red headed woman) and marched them to the commondants office. Commondant Embers wanted payment for fixing the ship but Pinto stalled by saying that only the unconscious Ben could do the negotiations. The commondant sent Ben Tang and Dr Wu off to the doctors office where Doctor Liam Deckard said Ben would probably die of his wound and was not worth bothering with. Dr Wu meanwhile did some nifty surgery and saved Ben's life. Whilst there he heard the Doctor on the comms talking about "another one for the supper club".

Guard Captain Flint went and searched the ship for her husbands papers. She only found the registration document on Flint, 5 crates of barbituates (marked Tractor parts) in the hold and found his locked chest in his room. She went and got the new engineer Bau Gau Lim to open it for her, and then asked him to fix the ship. Bau said it'd take you a day and a half to sort.

Meanwhile the indentured came back for lunch (prepared by Eleanor) and discussed the ship, the recent deaths and the odds of the crew being allowed back off this rock. Louis Wu recognised Nathan Grade who had saved his familly many years earlier.

Bau after having been set to work saw Pinto come back to the ship. Pinto asked what he was doing and Bau responded that he'd been ordered to fix the ship. Mrs Flint then went to see the Captain and said she had a way they could make money by doing the delivery with the ship. The Captain (who was greedy) agreed, stating that a number of guards should be sent along to avoid trouble.

More discussions continued in breaks and the prisoners began to develop a plan to poison the guards food with sleeping pills so they could get away on the ship. Pinto was allowed to sleep on the ship by the commondant and did so with Louis Wu and Ben Tang who had been taken back there after his surgery. It became clear that Eleanor knew about Flint's will and that it was on Persephone (which was where the ship was headed).

Next morning the funerals of Madeline Hammond, Miska Valensky, Rufus Stone and the Captain were had. One of the pall bearers (Joe Wragg) of Rufus dropped the coffin and noted the rocky clunk inside. This was the second such coffin he'd heard this in and something was up. Guard Captain Flint ordered Pinto to be locked in his cell and he objected grappling the guard and making him pass out. Flint soon captured him and "persuaded" him to obey her. Then she went back to her quarters to have her own private moments with her husband.

Further lunchtime discussions between the prisoners matched up the "Supper Club" to the rocky coffins and the conclusion was that there were cannibals in charge here. The prisoners wanted off and quickly before they became supper, and somehow Denny the bookie managed to get himself in with the other escapees.

Pills were stolen from the lazy Liam Deckhard, and Eleanor prepared a feast of sleepy stew for the day guards. Ms Flint noting that Bau Gau Lim had finished fixing the nav system ordered him to get your stuff and board the ship after taking out the comms array on the rock in a semi permanent fashion. She then rounded up some of the prisoners including Denny and got them to board the ship posting the guard outside.

Discussions on the ship resolved around fuel. Ben Tang had only bought just enough for the journey and the detour meant you hadn't enough for hard burn to get you there quicker. It emerged the cargo was for the Tongs who would be angry if the shipment was late and there was some debate about how to get there on time. Eventually the two shuttles were used to just get the goods there with minutes to spare. The Tongs paid the now slightly recovered Ben Tang for the "Tractor Parts" and the shuttles were sent back with enough fuel to land the ship. The intention being to refuel, get a new cargo and get the will read before getting off Persephone as fast as possible as the Commondant of Jinxor knew where the ship was headed.

Denny headed off from the ship after it landed, stating he would take his chances on his own.