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Supporting Cast


Badger is a businessman on Persephone. He was owed money by Josiah Flint and now owns a percentage of the shares in the Serendipity. He has an agreement with Captain Fey Flint that they will be able to buy back shares by doing jobs for him.

Appears: Episode 2

Delores Cranborne

Delores is a ageing Companion who employed the crew of the Serendipity to recover a pendant that was taken from her by an agent (Brin Morgan) of ex-client Senator Walter Jarrett. It transpired that against normal Companion rules she became pregnant with twins from her liaison with the Senator. The Senator found out about the pregnancy and for political reasons at the time wanted her to abort the child. She refused, getting in trouble with the Guild and with the Senator. Once the children were born the Senator came and took the twin boys she gave birth to away and put them up for adoption to remove them as a problem. All Delores was left with was a photo of the boys that she kept in her locket. As the group took back the locket Delores found out that Harrison "Pinto" Johannson was one of her sons.

Appears: Episode 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Alvin Crump

Alvin Crump is Josiah Flint's lawyer from the agency Willard, Fortescue and Crump. Alvin Crump does the field work on the Rim and is based in the law firms offices near the starport on Persephone. He is old and partial to a drink or twenty, but Josiah Flint always trusted him and left his last will and testament with him.

Appears: Episode 2

Kevin Davy

Kevin is a hacker and an anti establishment figure. He is a friend of Mr Universe and was very upset when the Alliance assassinated him to try and stop him broadcasting the Miranda tape. As a result he has a chip on his shoulder about the Alliance Government. He is a dwarf and is somewhat sensitive about jokes about his stature.

Appears: Episode 6

Marcellus Duvall

Marcellus, a huge strong ox of a man, is a former member of the elite Alliance Shock Batalion. Marcellus has partnered with Javier Mendes from his old unit and they have formed an exclusive mercenary unit.

Appears: Episode 7

Beatrice (Bea) Easley

Detective Beatrice Easley is the former partner of Thomas Flynn in the police on Ariel. She is a straight talking woman who tended to offend people in the department and was assigned Thomas as a partner as a punishment. As it transpired her bluntness had little affect on Thomas and they formed a good partnership. That is until she found out about the bribes he'd been taking. She now has a new job with an Federal undercover unit and was last seen investigating corruption on Hera.

Appears: Episode 9, 10

Franz Embers

Franz is a fat man with a nice cushy job on a planet entirely owned by the Corone Mining Consortium. He picks and chooses his favourites and uses a number of them as his stoolpigeons and whisperers to get the lowdown on any rebellions or escapes. As a result he ensures that the indentured men cannot trust each other. Franz embers has some unique sexual tastes and there are rumours amongst the prisoners that some of the favours that are given come off the back of these tastes.

Appears: Episode 1


Sinead Fitzpatrick

Sinead is the older sister of Fey Flint and younger sister of Siobhan. Unlike her sister Fey she never married. She trained as a lawyer and later as a Companion. She was seen by Nathaniel in the company of Dr Weir and seems to be quite strong. She has a distinct rivalry with her elder sister Siobhan that she has had since she was young.

Appears: Episode 5, 7, 12

Siobhan Fitzpatrick

Siobhan Fitzpatrick is the oldest of the Fey Flint's sisters and graduated as a medical student in genetics and pathology on Osiris. She left the family home to go and work at a top job that her mum had lined up for her. She was last seen at her parents funeral five years ago after they were murdered by Browncoats where she was the chief beneficiary of the family fortune. Sinead was most aggreived at this and went off in a huff.

Appears: Episode 7

Josiah Flint  (DEAD)

Josiah Flint was the majority owner of the ship with a 65% share of the Serendipity. He previously ran guns for both sides during the Unification war on a ship called the Calypso, though he rarely if ever would talk about his activitities during the war. If asked he would more often than not say "Son, a lot of things happened suring that time and they best stay there." He ruled the ship with a rod of iron making it run efficiently, but didn't really confide in his shipmates on the running of the ship unless he needed to. He did however stick up for his crew and would never leave any of them behind on a job.

Captain Flint liked a bit of poker and although he occaisionally won he more often than not didn't. More often than not that meant that the repairs the ship needed didn't happen.

Appears: Episode 1

Drew Frost

Drew Frost was a Sargeant in the Browncoat army who saved the life of Bau when during a particularly viscious battle a piece of machinery fell on his head. Frost was involved in the heist attempt on Bruins casino, and managed to escape without being caught.

Appears: Episode 6

Wesley Greenshanks

Wesley Greenshanks (also known as The General) is an eccentric collector of oddities and military recreationalist. If he cannot have the original he is quite happy to have a copy of it, whether he can obtain it legally or not does not matter.

Appears: Episode 9


Madelyn Hammond (DEAD)

Madelyn was a hot shot pilot who was flunked out of pilot training because she was prone to showing off doing dangerous stunts that she considered to be just normal run of the mill flying. Although she flew the ship, the pilots license was in Captain Flint's name as Madelyn didn't have a license of her own. She was always chirpy and cocky and nothing seemed to be too difficult for her. Although she would flirt with the others, she never got into a relationship with anyone else on the ship. She had relatives on Harvest, but her parents were from Osiris whom she contacted as often as she could.

Appears: Episode 1

John Hemp

John Hemp ran an unsuccessful import / export company out of Santos along with his wife Julianna. They also helped run a fight club with a captured Reaver in the basement of their warehouse and took Eleanor Diawara to fight it in revenge for her defence of a Reaver allowing it to be freed and killing a relative of one of his men. Their plan to take the Bruins poker prize failed when the Browncoats also attacked it and killed most of their gang. John Hemp survived badly wounded and was arrested.

Appears: Episode 6

Julianna Hemp (DEAD)

Julianna Hemp is the wife of John Hemp. She participated in the plan to attack the Bruins Casino for the money and was killed by Jade Zho in the attack.

Appears: Episode 6

Alleyne Hill

Alleyne Hill is the daughter of Captain Josiah Flint and Alison Hill who was conceived during a one night stand on Londinium whilst Fey was off for the year at finishing school. Alison was ashamed of her one night stand and instead told her daughter that she was the daughter of man locked up by the Alliance whom she would never meet. Believing that her father had been wronged by the Alliance, Alleyne grew up as a rebellious teenager and had been put in juvenille prison for theft and writing graffiti. She developed skills in electronics and stealth and eventually made contacts in prison with the browncoat rebels led by General Emerson Caldicott who later betrayed her.

Appears: Episode 3, 11

Leonora Hollins

Leonora is a Companion in her late twenties who works out of the Chapter House on Bernardette. She was a long standing friend of Captain Josiah Flint who performed a number of services for her over the years. In his will he told Pinto that he could reclaim one of those favours from her.

Appears: Episode 7

Sheriff Cliff Houseman

The Sheriff of Santo City likes to run a tight ship and doesn't like violence in his town. He has banned the use of handguns in town and is strict about its enforcement. He is not corrupt but likes to get recognition for his fair minded but efficient service.

Appears: Episode 6

Lieutenant Ashley Hunter

Lieutenant Ash Hunter is second in command on the AV Utopia. Ash is a stickler for procedure and he is ambitious. He has only been assigned to the Utopia for eight months, previously serving with distinction on the AV Voltorusk.

Appears: Episode 2, 3, 9, 11, 12