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Supporting Cast

Senator Walter Jarrett

Senator Walter Jarrett is not a nice man, but then he'd never have gotten that large estate outside Londinium if he was. He is married some ten years with a six year old son. He hid the twin sons that the Companion Delores Cranborne gave birth to after his liaison with her in revenge for the trouble she caused him over it. He monitored the adoptions over the years keeping track on his sons, making sure that they were still OK. Suddenly a month ago he "persuaded" Brin Morgan to take the necklace from Delores. It is not currently certain what sparked this moment of spite.

Appears: Episode 4, 9

Betsy Li

Betsy is the greatest poker player in the 'Verse. She wins most of the time (only having lost once) and now few players want to play her, although there's always some young punk who wants to try his skill against her. She is one of the players at the Bruins Casino all-comers Verse wide Poker tournament on Santo. She deliberately lost at the tournament so as to detract attention from her mind reading abilities.

Appears: Episode 6

Benjamin Lissau

Benjamin Lissau is married to the local Tongs daughter Xu and together they have set up a Bliss factory on Hera in his father's old warehouse. Business is brisk and with Tong support all is going well. Interference from the crew and his subsequent arrrest by the Feds put paid to his business.

Appears: Episode 10

Layla Lissau

Layla Lissau was given an overdose of Bliss by Xu Lissau to prevent her talking after she accidently found out about the drug operation. The overdose affected her speech such that she was declared brain damaged and put in a Sanitarium. The arrest of Benjamin meant the new will was overturned and the proceeds could be used to help her with sppech therapy.

Appears: Episode 10

Companions Guild Mistress Sun Jaio Lui

The picture to the right is a painting of Jaio from about twenty five years ago when she was a novice at the Companion's Guild. Jaio was born on Sihon and entered the guild at the age of 14. She rose rapidly through the ranks and at the young age of 45 was elected to be Guild Mistress. Now aged 52 she was a contemporary of Delores in the Guild. She is skilled at dancing, singing, playing the harp massage as welll as the usual talents of a companion.

Appears: Episode 7

Roger Malou

Roger Malou is Eleanor Diawara's uncle who is a Spice Merchant with a wayward daughter who ran away from home to be with her boyfriend from a rival Trading House. He has been named in the will of his sister's husband as the beneficiary of a warehouse on Hera. Problem is the son Benjamin Lissau has challenged the will along with help from the local Tong.

Appears: Episode 9,10

Yolanda Malou

Yolanda Malou is a strong willed determined young woman in love. She is just sixteen and the problem is she is in love with a boy from a rival Trading House. called the Fenderharls The families have an intense rivalry and do not get on and Oswald Fenderharl has seemingly been imprisoned. In fact he has Space Mumps and is quaranteened. The crew recover Yolanda and take her back to her father.

Appears: Episode 9

Javier Mendes

Javier is another former member of the Alliance Shock Batalion. Unlike Marcellus, he was the brains of the unit and specialised in engineering to help get the unit into and out of places quickly.

Appears: Episode 7

Brin Morgan

Brin is a Architect who specialises in designing secure locations on Londinium. He is bisexual and is being blackmailed by Senator Jarrett who has some incriminating photos that he will use if Brin does not do as he is told. Brin fancied Louis Wu and tried to pick him up, but was kidnapped by the crew, ineptly tortured and forced to reveal the security details of Senator Jarrett's house. He was released from his prison and told not to tell anyone about his ordeal. He was also assured that the Senator had got rid of the photos.

Appears: Episode 4

Brother Murphy

Brother Murphy is the secretary to the Roman Catholic Bishop of Persephone, Rual Martins. He travelled on the Serendipity along with the alligator Matilda to Verbana where he was due to meet up with the Bishop at a tri-conference of Bishops at the Cathedral of Verbana.

Appears: Episode 2, 3

Desmond Mutanga

Desmond Mutanga is of West African origin who is Captain of the Cobra class ship Hyberbole.

Appears: Episode 7