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Supporting Cast

Bernice Pearson

Bernice is a new recruit at the Companion's Guild. At seventeen she is slightly old for a trainee Companion, but was specially accepted by Jaio to the Acadamy. Bernice turned her back on the convent where she was training to be a nun, and instead chose to join the Companions Guild on Sihon. This has created a great deal of anger amongst local Catholics. Bernice is a fiery character who wants what she wants out of life.

Appears: Episode 7

Cardinal Santo Russo

Cardinal Santo is the Pope's right hand man. The position of Cardinal had been abolished until recently when the Pope broke with traditional and gave his friend this honorific position. The Cardinal is the head of security for the Catholic church and seems to have his fingers in many pies. The crew of the Serendipity nicknamed him the "Ninja Priest" because of the way he siddles up to people quietly. He is responsible for installing the bioscanners in all the major Cathedrals to check for people with mutated DNA.

Appears: Episode 3

Rufus Sewell (DEAD)

Rufus was the dour engineer on board the Serendipity until he was recently killed. He had little or no sense of humour and seems to only have ever cared for his pet stoat "Nancy" whom he doted on. Anyone did anything untoward to her would be in for a fist pummelling. He would rarely if ever leave the ship (even if Captain Flint gave the crew shore leave) and he would keep people out of the engine rooms. He would complain bitterly to the Captain during meantimes about the need to replace a number of parts for his "baby" so that she would pur again, but more often than not Captain Flint would say "Just after one more big job". Rufus only ever received a package once, and he was heard to swear very loudly and throw something out of the chute into the black.

Appears: Episode 1

Denny Sharp

Denny was a debtor on the planet of Jinxor who managed to escape on the Serendipity. He is a bookie who was always making odds on any event. He was not invited to stay with the rest of the crew and jumped ship at Persephone. It seems he travelled to Santo where he got a job at the Grand Casino.

Appears: Episode 1, 6

Marshall Ward

Marshall Ward is a bully who gained a violent reputation during the war torturing Alliance captives. He seemed to take pleasure in inflicting violence and seems to enjoy winding up Violet Gresham. He is a man who lives for power and lording that power he has over those below him. He is very efficient and loves to play the knife game, or forced others to play it with their hand.

Appears: Episode 1

Dr Weir

Dr Donald Weir is both a medical doctor and an expert in Robotics. He holds degrees in both Medicine and Robotics. He is in his 40's, with a broad Scottish accent and ginger hair. He seems to have little compassion and seems to care little for human life. He implanted a chip into Nathaniel Grade's brain some seven years ago and recently repaired it ensuring that the faulty power supply was replaced. He then programmed the chip to force Nathaniel to try and kill his crew mates.

Appears: Episode 5, 11, 12

Captain Daisy Wildheart

Captain Wildheart made her name in the war as a hero by flying her ship through a gauntlet of Brownshirt ships to relieve troops on the ground on Paquin. She won the medal of honour for her valour and was given her own command. After the war however her carear seems to have taken a slide and she has been permanently assigned to patrol the rim looking for looters, reavers and lawbreakers. Its a post for someone who is inconvenient, retiring or otherwise being put out to grass.

Appears: Episode 2, 3, 9, 11, 12

Jade Zho

Jade is one of General Emerson's chief lieutenants in the continuing Browncoat resistance. She is one of the five most wanted terrorists in the 'Verse. She was responsible for recruiting Alleyne Hill and ordering her to blow up the factory on Verbana. She was captured in the attempt to steal the prize funds from the Bruins Casino and the Alliance was called in to take her for questioning.

Appears: Episode 6