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Fey Flint

Fey Flint is the youngest of three daughters born to a wealthy family on Osiris. Her mum was an executive at Blue Sun (now dead) and her Dad (also dead) worked on Boros for the military. Fey is bright and cheerful and she married her childhood sweetheart Josiah Flint in 2506. When the war came she got a commission in the military, getting an honourable discharge at the end of the war. She later got a job at Jinxor as a night time Security Officer. When her husband turned up dead on the moon with his ship she set off on the ship to Persephone, taking command in her husband's place. She owns a 35% share of the Serendipity.

Eleanor Diowara

Eleanor Diawara is a top notch lawyer from West African stock who is a sucker for lost causes. As a result she doesn't tend to make much money and has debts to both the Alliance Government and the College she graduated from. This ended up putting her in debtor prison, which she escaped from on board the Serendipity. She is now the ship's cook, accountant, lawyer and respectable face. She is infamous in that she successfully defended a Reaver on a murder charge which has not made her popular. She had a brief relationship with Pinto in the past.

Joe Bragg

Joe is ex-Alliance military, but he doesn't talk much about his time there. Equally he is a bit hazy on the specifics of what he did in the past. It seems he has a number of underworld contacts though and he can get his way into secure rooms. He doesn't like to talk about these things though. Indeed he is not keen on talking about his time in debtor's prison either, but that is where the crew of the Serendipity found him before making use of his talents. He bought out Ben Tang of his 30% share of the ship and is now a co-owner.

Nathaniel Grade

Nathaniel Grade was an Alliance Captain in the war until he famously refused to drop a nuclear bomb on a Browncoat command post on the city of Crete on Athens. He took the Browncoats prisoner, but some escaped killing a number of people.  He was imprisoned and sentenced to death for treason, but somehow his familly managed to pull some strings and eventually got him freed, but not after he suffered some poisoning that affected his health ever afterward. Meanwhile his wife Lisa divorced him and took his daughter Emily with her. Nathaniel tried to make it as an entrepreneur but he got into hard times and eventually the debtor's prison on Jinxor. He was rescued by the Serendipity who took him on as a pilot. It has since been revealed a control chip was put in his brain whilst he was in prison.

Harrison "Pinto" Johansen

Harrison prefers to be known as Pinto and he lived for some time with his mother and father on Persephone on their ranch. Pinto was taught to ride, educated and taught to fire guns. They raised horses, but Pinto was a bored young kid and he got in trouble with the law. He got caught trying to ride out on a stolen horse, and in trouble betting at the racetrack. The final straw came when he stole a prize racehorse from Jergan Vals. Pinto's family hired a lawyer (Eleanor Diawara) who not only got Pinto off but also had a brief fling with him. It has since been established that Pinto was adopted and has a twin brother elsewhere.

Bau Gau Lim

Bau fought the war on the wrong side - the losing side. However there is no profit in being melancholy over such things since Bau loves to make a profit. His supposed rich pickings job as an engineer on Jinxor turned sour and he enacted his 2 week opt out clause to join the crew of the Serendipity as the ship's engineer. He is great with the ship but for some reason the Catholic church thinks he is an abomination, and that's not to do with the hideous scars on his face.


Loius Wu

Louis Wu has been with the ship the longest alongside Pinto and worked for some time under Captain Josiah Flint. Josiah found Louis working as a travelling quack selling potions and remedies at fairs and carnivals. Despite the facade Louis is in fact a more than competant doctor. Louis was on Athens when Nathaniel saved it from being bombed and as such he now hero worships Nathaniel. Like Bau the Catholic church think he is an abomination. He has uncovered some evidence to say that somehow he and Bau are closely related.

Thomas Flynn

Thomas has Asperger's Syndrome but due to his high functioning brain was able to overcome many of the difficulties and joint the local police on Ariel. His career was ended when he was investigating a case involving the murder of a senator. He was convinced the wife and the butlerwere responsible, but was unable to prove it. The Senator's wife and one of his colleagues manufactured evidence of bribery so he was discharged from the police. Since then he has been drifting in a small ship he owned, but he has recently sold it on Santo to buy into a high stakes poker game, despite having no previous experience as he believes that he has a system that can win him loads of money.


Horse is a thoroughbred racehorse that was stolen from Jergen Vals on Persephone by Pinto. Horse currently lives on the Serendipity in a makeshift stall in the cargo hold. 


Nancy is the ship's ferret who was originally owned by Rufus Stone. She was kept on after Rufus died and warned the crew of the rats. Poor Nancy died to cyanide poisoning on the Serendipity whilst on Starfall Station.