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The Secrets of the Serendipity


The Serendipity is a ship of secrets, one that doesn't like to give them up easily. The Serendipity is one of the 20,000 Mark I Fireflies that were made by Iskellian Technologies in the Boros shipyards there. The Firefly was an early model of the company before they branched out into wider technologies. The Mark I had a serious design flaw that led to the Mark I being withdrawn in 2469 after just five years of production. The Mark II in 2468 was an attempt to fix the earlier problem by having the engine pods swing up instead of down, but it caused the ship to be unstable and the bad publicity led to Iskellian Technology deciding to get out of the business.

The production was sold off to a new company buyout operation on Hera called Firefly Shipping in 2471. The Mark III Firefly resolved that issue with vertical landing and 93,000 more were produced over the years until production ceased in 2498. An example Firefly plate is given below. It is estimated that 40,000 Fireflies are still running today.

The Serendipity is a Mark I Firefly with some odd characteristics. First of all it has an elongated nose that holds an additional secret compartment by the pilot's board. In there the crew found a case containing vials with the words "For the Attention of Dr Kinsala" on it. The vials seemed to be samples of odd DNA from various animal hybrids.

The ship was owned recently by Josiah Flint who was murdered recently and his wife Fey Flint came into possesion of the ship. The former co-owner recently related this tale to Captain Flint of how he came into possesion of the ship.

"Josiah Flint won a share of the ship in a poker game. As part owner he travelled on the ship “until the war came with its bounteous opportunities”. During the war the previous majority owner was killed in a highly risky venture and the ship was damaged. His share of the ship went to the fella’s brother who ‘didn’t want to be anywhere near that hunk of junk’. So Flint borrowed the money and bought him out, repairing the ship as well and became its Captain. They made good money during the war and his repayments were going well, but shortly after the war Flint told me he got ‘hit by a double whammy’. Flint had known me for a while as one of his contacts for parts and since he mainly trusted me he offered you a 35% stake in the ship in exchange for money."

Investigations revealed that the ship was already called the Busani and found the original owner was a man named Merryk James. A search of the records for the Busani found only one record of the ship. It seems that the ship was destroyed somehow in an explosion in 2474 near to Shadow. It appears that the Captain, Andrew Givens of the Alliance Cruiser S.V. Dominator, was the first on the scene of the explosion and wrote a report on what he found. Captain Flint searched for Andrew Givens and found he was now in a retirement home on Londinium.

Sometime after this the ship seems to have re-appeared named the Herodian and this ship . Engineer Bau has found the transponder and although most of the data has been removed from it, the fuel records indicate that around 2475 the ship made a long trip that could have taken in out of the know 'verse. All records of the Herodian have been removed, except one reference on a list of ships that Professor Moran had of ships that had supposedly set out to seek the lost Ark Calypso.