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The Unification War


Earth is the origin of all humanity, the common factor shared by all, Alliance and Independent alike. It is stated that Earth was "used up," but for whatever reason, mankind abandoned Earth generations ago and moved out into the stars. This must have been a profound cultural event, one that could have broken down the very essence of humanity. But, mankind held onto the tenets of culture and civilization in the exodus, carrying with it those things both material and spiritual that make us human.

Following true human nature, as time passed Earth took on an almost mythical status in the culture. It is now referred to as Earth That Was and myths and stories about it have arisen.

"...that when she (Earth) was born she had no sky and was open, inviting. And, the stars would rush into her, through the skin of her, making the ocean's boil with sensation. And when she could endure no more ecstasy, she puffed up her cheeks and blew out the sky."

Earth That Was is not like Atlantis. Many physical artifacts have survived the time between the exodus and the present. Most, if not all, are held by private collectors and perhaps, museums.

However or whyever Earth was abandoned, mankind possessed the technology to take the recipe with them. New worlds were terra-formed to be as close to the old Earth as possible. Planets and moons were (and still are) transformed into "hundreds of new Earths." None were a perfect copy and all carried their own little quirks, but technology and/or human spirit overcome these. These new worlds were colonized and settled, built on and built up, and true to both our history and our pioneering nature, mankind continues to reach out further and further, transforming new Earths in the image of the old.

The Unification War


Little is known about the specifics of the war in regard to its battles and tactics, its generals or the movements of its armies. We have been given little of what will be recounted in the history books. What can be deduced from the few facts we have is that it was a broad and sweeping conflict with roots in politics, economics and human rights. It affected every man, woman and child in the civilized and settled worlds.

The conflict began when some of the colonized "planets formed the Alliance and decided that all the planets should join under their rule." Quite a few people took exception to this, especially when the so-called Alliance moved in and began dictating the hows and wherefores of their day-to-day lives. These disgruntled folks joined together and the Independents were formed. The disagreement soon turned to all-out war with men and women fighting for what they believed was their freedom from over-bearing, totalitarian rule. "We're fighting the just cause. Independent thought, independent dreams, independent lives. It's a thing worth dying for."

Although the Independents may have started out as a loosely organized band of rebels, we've seen evidence that they were an organized and trained fighting force. They were soon nicknamed Browncoats for the colors they wore. Most likely they suffered from a lack of resources and manpower throughout the war which, of course, contributed to their defeat.

Technologically, the war was fought with every weapon available. The Independents are seen to have had their own warships and gunships as well as heavy artillery and small arms. The Alliance is known to have used bioweapons, mortars, rollers (tanks), seekers (a sort-of airborne, heat-seeking grenade), and warships as well as artillery and small arms.

The war was played out on many worlds, with one of the final battles taking place on the planet Hera. The Independents suffered a crushing defeat there at the Battle of Serenity Valley. "Some say the war ended in that valley." The Alliance forces were simply too overwhelming. The Independents were outmanned and apparently outgunned.

The Alliance emerged the victor in the war and took all of the settled worlds under its rule. The end of the war is celebrated with an official Alliance holiday known as Unification Day or U-Day. Only seven short years have passed since the end of the war and bitterness and resentment still abound among the people. Some on the side of the Alliance feel that all the Independents should have been killed. And, there are still pockets of resistance to the Alliance, underground movements fighting to subvert Alliance control. Its difficult for a man or woman known to have fought on the side of the Independents to find work and many former Browncoats have moved to the fringes of space, the Border planets. A number have turned to crime in order to survive. The arms of the Alliance government also look upon the former rebels with heightened suspicion and tend to wield their power with an iron fist. The transition from war to peacetime has not been easy and reconstruction is painful and ongoing.