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The Known Worlds of The Union of Allied Planets

Each of the worlds of the Alliance appears to be a world unto its own, even if it is just a terra-formed moon. Each planet is technically a member of the larger Alliance and subject to its laws and government, but the Border/frontier planets, in particular, seem largely self-governed with their own laws, customs, traditions and methods of enforcement. The Central Core planets are where the arms of Alliance control are strongest and where resources are more plentiful. As a result the need for self-government is unnecessary. Out on the fringes of space in the border areas, Alliance resources are thinly stretched and like the Old West of the United States, settlements must rely on their own forms of government and justice. This creates a minefield of risks for a ship, but also rich opportunities for crime.


No data is available yet on this planet.


No data is available yet on this planet.


Ares is one of Boros' moons and houses the primary military shipyard of the Alliance. It is also home to all manner of government agencies and beaurocracies as well, so it's best to have your official papers when wandering round this place.  Ares is restricted to Iskellian technicians and Alliance personnel only and security is tight.


A central planet and an Alliance world; Ariel has "some beautiful museums" and "some of the finest restaurants in the core." It also has woodland areas for hiking and a bioluminescent lake for swimming. It's capital city is Ariel City and it is a paradise for technology, having the very latest in hospital facilities. Ariel is a restricted landing zone and only those with legitimate business on the planet are permitted to land.


Athens is a border planet with at least four moons located in the Burnham quadrant. The fourth moon is called White Fall, and all the moons fair much better than the core planet with all them supporting ranching. There is a rumour of a hidden Blue Sun factory of the third moon (Jesper), but no one has ever lived to bring a confirmed picture of it.

Athens has rapidly changing weather caused by constant winds but with a mild climate. Athens fully supported the Unification in the war, but was captured several times by both sides during the war, leading to bitterness by those that survived the final bombing of the major cities by the Alliance. The bombed cities have now been opened up for legal salvage operations for subcontractors of United Reclamation, leading to disquiet amongst the dwellers of the shanty towns that have grown up there since the war.


Beaumonde is a civilized planet thought of as "a decent kind of place." It has factories that offer work in the cities or ranches that offer a rural work. It is the manufacturing hub of the Alliance and makes everything from computer parts to ceramic coffe mugs. Many of the factories here are owned by the Blue Sun Corporation, though not all of them are. Security is tight around Blue Sun plants and there are always rumours of something else going on there. Pollution is consequently a problem on the planet and the cities are often covered in a hazy smog. Weather control systems cant quite get rid of all the problem neither.

New Dunsmuir is the capital city there and is a popular tourist destination. It is the only city that doesn't have no factories and consequently the wealthy folk make their homes here amongst avenues of trees and greenery.


A very rich Alliance planet with both a large ocean and an empty area of desert climate, complete with canyons, rock and sand. Isis Canyon is pointed out as the most deserted spot on the world.

Bellerophon is also the home of Bellerophon Estates, vast self-contained estates that float above the ocean waters, the epitome of the term "castle in the sky." Described as "gracious living, ocean views and state-of-the-art security." The estates have their own local security patrols, as well as Federal (Alliance) protection.


Bernadette was the third planet to be terraformed after Londinum and Sihon. The only remaining ship that brought folk to this galaxy from Earth that was stands in the capital city of New Paris as a museum. The ark is a huge starship called Prometheus and contains information about the cultures and history of Earth that Was a number of valuable antiques from the time of the Exodus. Although there is technically a restricted landing zone on Bernadette, if you seen to be a settler or on some reasonable business they will let you land here.

Bernadette is a traditional departure point for those settlers seeking to head off into the Rim to settle and make a home. Many businesses have set up to capitalise on this though some folk would call it ripping them off. There is also rumoured to be a Syndicate run slave business that operates out of here preying on vulnerable settlers who wont be missed and shipping them out to terraforming operations.

There is a thriving religeous community on Bernadette and Christians rub shoulders with Buddhists and Hindus. There are also a number of other cults catering to all sorts and it is rumoured that the Brethren started up their worship here on Bernardette.


Belilix is known as the garbage dump of the 'Verse being as United Reclamation owns nearly a third of the land on the planet. United has licensed Junk dealers on the planet to act for them in recycling what 'folk still has a use for, but the licensing fee they charge means that even second hand can be costly. Nethertheless people have made a tidy profit out of making recycled starships and other rigged up odds and ends.

Still the farmers on the rest of the world don't like folk saying that they live on a planet of rubbish and are a mite sensitive 'bout it.


From Boros you can see the Alliance cruisers being built around Ares. Usually there are five in production at a time, but you can usually only see three at a time. Boros has a full battalian of Alliance troops stationed here and once more security is tight here.

The world is less industrialised than Beaumonde and it has lots of prairies with prime ranch land. Boros' cities are smaller but have some factories that are primarily aimed at metal and local consumables. Cast offs from Ares often show up in Boros less reputable companies hands and these are then sold on. Boros has few landing restrictions and is an idea place to find nearly new parts.


No data is available yet on this planet.


No data is available yet on this planet.


Adelei Niska's Skyplex is in orbit around this planet which is located in the Georgia system and now dominates the politics of the world. It was formerly a peaceful farming and ranching world, but near the end of the war the governer died unexpectantly (folk blame both sides for this). The new Governer was unprepared for the hundreds of war refugees and former soldiers that poured into the place and jobs got scarce. The local economy went belly up and criminal actiity started to rise on the planet. Adelei Niska moved into the situation with a number of legitimate businesses fronting his not so legitimate ones. After the previous governer fled no one is willing to take on the role and take on Niska. The law of the gun is absolute on Ezra, and it has become a dangerous place, though potentially profitable to the right kinda folk.


A civilized Alliance planet with a large tropical belt and state-of-the-art medical facilities. The tropical climate has been used by several corparations to synthesize life-saving drugs from the local plants, and also by less than honest folk to make black market drugs for the black market. A number of small cartels have facilities here and the major companies have been lobying the Alliance to do something about them but as yet to no avail.


No data is available yet on this planet.


Haven is a small mining moon that is home to an independent group of miners who have laid claim to the rock. They have yet to stike it rich, but they are under constant threat from the Corone Consortium that has been trying to get accurate information on the potential for this world. So far most of the spies have been caught and sent back to the Corone Consortium missing bits of themselves. This has made the miners ever more suspicious of folk and they now have a large surface to air canon to protect themselves from invaders and discourage casual visitors.


Hera is a largely agricultural world that is considered as the breadbasket of the 'Verse. Food is grown, processed and packaged on Hera.

Serenity Valley is located on this world. The Independence experienced a crushing defeat at the hands of the Alliance at Serenity Valley and it was perhaps the most decisive battle of the Universal Civil War. Hera was of great strategic importance during the war, making it a staging ground for both sides. The war devastated Serenity Valley and even now it is still blackened and scarred from the firestorm that swept the valley. Over half a million men and women are now buried here in the graveyard.

Higgin's Moon

A moon that is host to the Canton Factory Settlement. The Factory settlement makes mud/clay that is used to make ceramic parts. Canton smells very bad. There are 2,000 workers known as "mudders" in Canton, mostly indentured. The operation is overseen by a Magistrate Higgins who is very wealthy. Higgins rules through intimidation and the use of force. Jayne Cobb is revered as the "hero of Canton." and has twice defeated the magistrate. They sing that soon he will come and finally free them from oppression.


No data is available yet on this planet.


No data available yet on this planet.


Called a "backwater world," Jiangyin is a border planet. A souvenir plate on sale in the General Store of the frontier town depicts "Jiangyin: Prairie Paradise." Each town boasts a sheriff and a host of deputies practicing Alliance frontier justice. There are posted alerts about Jiangyin which warn that "settlers up in the hills sometimes take people, tradesmen and the like." These hill settlers, who apparently do not mix with the residents of the town, are governed by a Patron and they take their Bible quite literally.

Jiangyin folk are a simple lot, especially those that live apart from what civilisation there is. The hill folk are uneducated and easy prey for unscrupulous leaders. Because of it's poverty people must often steal that they can't gain by more lawful means.

Liann Jiun

No data is available yet on this planet.


Lilac was named by the terraformers who promised a planet of perpetual springtime. In fact Lilac is more like perpetual summer as it is plagued by heat and a lack of water. Most of the farmers here eek out a living just, although the lucky ones in the northern climbs where rain falls more regually do well enough for themselves.

Lilac is located on the edge of Reaver territory and there is constant fear here that they will be the next planet to be attacked. The major landholders in the north have pooled together to hire a private security firm to protect them in case of Reaver attack.


Londinum is the planet that is most like Earth-That-Was and was one of the first two planets to be settled. Most of the European and American colonists settled originally on Londinum and touches of these cultures can be seen all over the world. The buildings are all made of the most modern materials, but look like they are of an archaic design called "Imperial Gothic".

The Parliament building is based on Londinum and it has a huge governmental complex around it that folk think is impressive and come to gawk at. The building features a huge clock tower that has become the planets symbol. Many of the folk that work on Londinum work for the government or in service industries to support them fancy folk.

There is a big museum on Londinum containing a History Museum, and an Art Museum. It contains many treasures from the early colonisation days and also some valuable pieces from Earth-That-Was.

Londinum has a strong military presence and the Alliance flagship Victoria is in constant patrol around the planet. The elite Special Alliance Support troops (SAS) is also based here. Londinum has a heavily restricted no fly zone around the Government buildings with ships being given no warning before they are shot down. Tourists can only visit approved areas and those without proper ID are immediately arrested.


No data is available yet on this planet.


Newhall is a newly terraformed planet with large oceans. The people live on small island chains and on floating stations on the oceans. Newhall exports water to them planets that need it and many of the people on Newhall work in the desalination plants. Those that don't work in the desalination industry are fishermen or cater for thems tourists that come to the world.

New Melbourne

An ocean world that is briefly mentioned as being everything "fish or fish-related," specifically Sturgeon.


Osiris is one of the core planets and is the heart of the Alliance's justice system with the pyramidal High Court in Capital City. Here the Alliance High Court hears all the important cases and their decisions affect the interpretation of parliamentary law. The most important law firms are based here along with the law school at the University of Osiris.

The Blue Sun Corporation also have moved their head office to Osiris from Sihnon recently. It is now located next to a huge manufacturing plant, distribution centre and spaceport. The Corporation complex is off limits to everyone except employees and background checks are conducted before folk are allowed to enter.

Landing on Osiris is restricted, though not as much as other planets. Folk can claim they are coming to see their lawyer and they'll be allowed to land.


Paquin is known throughout the 'Verse as the "Gypsy Planet" as it is the home to all manner of Carnivals, sideshows, theatres and Galleries. It also seems to be the home for every con artist and swindler that you could wish for. Whilst it was being terraformed Paquin was chosen to host the Grand Opera house and this attracted all manner of artists to migrate to the planet. More theatres were built and this has further fuelled the influx of all manner of entertainers. Plays open here often transfer back to the Core Worlds. It has the most wonderful sunsets that have given rise to a number of poems.

There are also the less reputable folk here as well who are out to fleece honest folk from their hard earned money.

Penal Moon

The location of the heavily guarded Alliance Prison.


A civilized frontier planet with a distinct class system and melting pot culture. It has an interesting mix of peoples and cultures and it is a microcosm for the environment of Earth-That-Was. Whilst not as heavily populated as the Core Worlds, Persephone is a big city place for thems that's on the Rim. Persephone even has its own aristocracy who feel that they're better than normal folk. In reality they are middle class folk who are trying to ape them fancy folks on the core.

Eavesdown docks, located on Persephone, are a bustling commercial port with all the problems that come from a transient population. Even hotshot pilots are occaisionally confused by the chaotic layout of the port with vendor stalls very close to the landing areas.  Persephone has been characterized as "not the kindest of places." Several Crime Lords have their bases of operation here who collect illegal salvage, move contraband and even people. A good crew can often make good money here, although occaisionally the risks are high.

There is a racetrack a short way from the Spaceport that is home to the famous Derby that brings folk from throughout the 'Verse to bet on the race. Kaytree Pond is located on Persephone and is a park-like location within the city.


Regina is a mineral rich planet that is known for its mining operations. Over three-quarters of the population work directly or indirectly in the mining industry. Most of the mines are run by Corone Mining Consortium, although there are still a few local owners hanging on. The workers have a stoic pride in their work despite difficult conditions. The local conditions have given rise to a disease called Bowden's Malady which is a treatable affliction of the bones and muscles. The Alliance sponsors regular shipments of the cure to the miners.


No data is available yet on this planet.


Santo is a picture perfect planet that is a triumph of terraforming with azure skies, clear seas and ideal weather. Santo has a thriving agricultural base as well as some seedy brothels and casinos. Many used to be luxury hotels before the war, but the tourist trade was frightened off by the fighting and the locals were forced to turn them into brothels and casinos to cater for the appetites of the soldiers. After the war was finished the Casino owners found that Santo was far enough out that the Alliance would not meddle with their operations and so kept them on. Now you can gamble here 24 hours a day and middle class citizens come here for a vacation to see the sights and to have a good time at the hotels.


Shadow was once known for its wide prairies, grain farms and cattle ranch. However now all that is left is a blackened and charred rock. It was one of the first planets to stand against the Alliance and the aggressive bombing by them was to teach the men who signed up with the Browncoats a lesson. Shadow is now a ghost planet, home to only occaisional smugglers.


Sihnon is a core planet and is described as a "beautiful, a sea of lights." Words alone do not do the great city justice. Sihnon is the heart of the Buddhist religeon and was where most of the Chinese colonists migrated to. There are many monistaries and temples located around the planet and those seeking to learn Buddhism travel here to study. 

Sihnon is the home of the many Guilds in the 'Verse. The Companions Guild is based here with many houses in the cities throughout the planet. The Trade Guild is based in the city of Chang 'Pei and most of the city is given over to trade administration. The penalty fo bribes (both giving and taking) is severe but it is known to happen. The huge beaurocracy that is there is on the whole not too corrupt and senior officials strive to keep it that way.

The capital of Sihnon is Lu'Weng. The local legends say that Lu'Weng was a fire-breathing Dragon that fell from the sky and was bound to the planet with silk ribbons. The hot springs on the planet would seem to bear this out and every home has a silk awning across the door. Lu'Weng is the largest producer of silk in the 'Verse where it is refined and bolted.

Landing on Sihnon is restricted, but regular visitors are given passes by the government. These passes are not difficult to obtain or forge.


No data is available yet on this planet.

St Albans

St Albans is an ice world, very cold and very mountainous. It snows here almost continuously all year round with the entire planet covered in snow drifts, ice and snow. The principle work here is mining, though it is a cold and lonely life here. The community is however strong and the people there look after their own. There is an Allied Enforcement (Federal) station located here.

Three Hills

No data is available yet on this planet.


Triumph is a tiny moon near the edge of the system with small areas suitable for farming. The moon is governed by Elder Gomman, and the settlers have their own particular customs and traditions. Unwed women are housed in a "maiden house" until they are chosen, bought, or bartered into marriage. Frontier justice is the norm on Triumph as it is mentioned that hanging is the punishment for murder. Thugs and bandits find the settlements easy pickings as they are pacifists and they must often contract with mercenaries to help protect them.


Verbana is a lush world with thick forests which are difficult to clear and farm. It is an Alliance frontier planet which is site of a new gearshift assembly factory for military skiffs. Verbena was undeveloped and very poor until the Alliance moved in and built the factory that is due to open soon.


The 4th moon of Athens. Patience owns a good portion of this little world. She claims to run it.


No data is available yet on this planet.