The Will


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The Will


     “Fey my darling I’ll start with you. Ever since I met you I loved you and to this day I never stopped even though you walked out on me. I forgive ya my darling fer leaving me, and I’d like you to fall in love with the other love in my life – The Serendipity. As such I’d like to give you my remainder of the days we spent together on the ship by giving you my share of the ship. Now I don’t know how much I have left since I owe a gambling debt to a man called Badger here and the agreement gives him shares on the ship if I haven’t paid for him back by the time I die. So my darling I can’t tell you how much you have until you talk to my accountant. Remember the time we walked hand in hand down the beach on Ariel as the sun was setting and then we walked home and made love. That was my perfect day and I’ll always have that memory.”

    “Ben assuming your still around partner, I want you and Fey to work together and keep my baby running. I want you to make a success of her as I know that you can. You know my secret box – I want you to open it up and take a couple of items in it for yourself. If you haven’t already spied it out yet, the key is taped on the underside of my desk. Inside you’ll find a number of things. First of all give my marriage certificate to my wife – she should keep it now. Secondly take out the mini Smith and Western with the pearl handle for yourself. That’s my little beauty that they’d never find when they frisked me for a card game. It fits nicely in a pair of boots and is always useful in a tight spot. Then take out the bottle and treat it with care. That’s sixty-year-old malt whiskey that I’ve been saving up special like. I guess I ain’t going to be needing it no more so raise a glass to yer old mate Josiah Flint tonight. Finally there are some shares in a company called Tellersham Mining. Never did get round to checking up to see if they was worth something, so I guess you’ll be able to check into it.”

     “Marianne I know you never finished flight school like you wanted, so I want you to go and talk to my mate Johnny-G over on Hera. He knows a few people who can get you credentials that all but the most stringent Alliance checks will stand up to. Oh yer, Johnny might take some convincing to do the job so just tell him that I told you about the incident on Regina and if he doesn’t do it you might be forced to tell Sparky all about it.”

     “Rufus my dour old friend. I’m giving you 20 credits so that you can buy Nancy a nice new little playpen. She got out one too many times in the past and I think the others ‘would appreciate it if she stayed put in future.”

     “Pinto my gun totting friend. I know that you like the ladies so I thought that the best thing that I could leave you in my will was a night with a proper one. There’s a Companion by the name of Leonora at the Companion Chapter House over on Bernadette. Tell her that Captain Josiah Flint is calling in the favour, but mind to treat her politely else she may still refuse you.”

     “Doc, you patched me up on many an occasion – so why weren’t you able to do it this time? You’re sacked. Only joking there. I notice that you have lots of your supplies all over your quarters so I guess you need something to tidy them up with. Well since my trunk is now nearly empty I suggest you take that to keep your various potions and healatives together.”

     “Alvin (turns to lawyer off camera) I want you to find Alleyne for me please if you can for the playing of this will. She’d be about sixteen now I guess though I couldn’t tell you where she is now. Her mother Alison Hill lived on Londinium though I’m not sure if she still is there as after she told me she was pregnant she refused to have any contact with me. Fey I swear that I never cheated on you my darling. We were separated for a year when you went to finishing school, and I’d gone over to Londinium to visit my aunt and uncle. Well as soon as I could I split for the old geezers and headed down the strip where I met Alison and we got on. It was one night of fun, which led to the birth of my only child who I’d never met. As a Catholic life I believe that life is sacred and I would have loved to have grown up with my daughter. At the bottom of the trunk is a photo album that I put together that I want you to have Alleyne. It’ll show you a bit about who I was and what I did.”

   “I’d like to be buried out in the Black. I had no other home than the Serendipity in the end and the Black is as good a home for my corpse as any. I hope that the Lord has forgiven my one or two sins and asked me to join him; else I’d appreciate it if you did a little praying for my sole. No one’s to cry at my funeral – I’d hate that. I want everyone to be happy and look forward to the future. Oh and look after my baby the Serendipity.”